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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a fishhook clasp, and how do I use it?


A. If you’re unfamiliar with fishhook clasps, they have a built-in safety feature that’s greatly desired for high-end jewelry. They are often referred to as pearl clasps. You can see how to use them in this YouTube video:


Q. What does “14K-GF” or “14K Gold Filled” mean?


A. “14K-GF” stands for “14K Gold Filled.” It is created by wrapping a sheet of 14K gold around a base metal (usually brass). 14K gold-filled jewelry has 100 times more 14K gold than 14K gold-plated.


Q. How do I care for my necklace?


A. Please care for your necklace as you would any fine jewelry, handling and storing it carefully. Beads of all types can be fragile and easily damaged or scratched. Be particularly careful if your necklace contains pearls.


Some general care guidelines include:

  • Avoid contact between your necklace and any harsh chemicals, fragrances, sprays, hair products, skin products, make-up, and so forth. When getting ready, it’s generally best to put your necklace on last.

  • Never swim, bathe, or shower with your necklace on.

  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat or cold.

  • Because all precious metals (not just silver) oxidize to some extent or another, an Intercept® anti-tarnish tab will be included in the gift box your necklace arrives in. It will last up to a year. Please replace it after that. Intercept tabs are highly recommended because they’re safe for porous gems such as onyx and pearls—not all anti-tarnish products are safe.

  • Do not put anything else (including paper) in the same box as your necklace.


Q. What are the measurements of the mannequins’ necks?

A. See the information provided in the pictures below. Measurements are approximate and were taken near the base of the neck, which is typically widest. Necklaces will hang differently on different individuals. This is not only a function of neck size (circumference), but the actual shape of the neck and the structure of the necklace.

Mannequins and their neck sizes

Q. Will I be charged sales tax?

A. Because Mystic Crystal Creations is physically located in New York, all purchases made in New York State will automatically be charged the appropriate amount of sales tax based on their billing address. Purchasers in other states will not be charged sales tax.

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